Alexandra Carcich

Window into the Red Room” is a collection of performances and documented installed space exploring the ins and outs of the mind and body relationship. The work questions the mind and female body’s intimate spatial communication, defining performances in “soundless” language and active, repetitive motion known as “participles.” Performers were asked a series of questions — pertaining to understanding the space of their minds and reactivity of their bodies confronted with violence, repression, love, power, and sexuality — and responded with only their figures’ shadows, embracing the language of action and the abstraction of the body when expressing the mind. Interacting with the documented red room, this body of work channels themes of voyeurism, intimacy, pain, and grace, visually reflecting the complexity of the mind and expression of the female figure post-trauma. Deriving from the layering of painting and the experience of audio, “Window into the Red Room” transforms communication and the essence of language as the bodies move across the frame intended to be read as a single, moving “image.” In constant flux, the figures dance across the static room, sharing and discovering each other’s mindful space.