Sheila Leonard

Memory Maker is a company created for immersing someone in the five senses through various, detailed scenarios to help stir up memories, old and new, as well as gift-giving ideas. Each box, which is also a present for the user, represents a different sense to help guide the user to imagine and create memories.

Jessica Pan

Unedited Women is a series of posters and video interviews that aim to raise the voices of women designers. The posters give women designers a spotlight to tell their story, with hopes to encourage others a chance to hear and learn from what they are sharing. The video interview questions that were asked explore personal experiences of being women graphic designers, and ways they have been challenged by male patriarchy in the workforce. This project is about letting the women designers be an inspiration and a role model for other young female designers who are going into the real world.

Sherry Mi

Our mission to expand human potential is our drive for using cheap labor sourced from China. Through working off the backs of our motivated underpaid workers, we aim to bring inspiration and innovation to athletes around the globe. Just Don’t is a brand designed to raise awareness of the multiple social oppressions under the Chinese Government through educating and inspiring a global community to create real change.