Discussing social/gender inequality and stereotypes with kids is really important since the world is constantly changing and we should be introducing the ideas of inequality and stereotypes at a young age. I grew up in a town where there was a lot of diversity and freedom to be who you are, but not everyone had that experience in their childhood. Even while living in a diverse community, there are stereotypes and social inequality, hinging on people’s lives and holding them back from being who they are. Exposing kids to these societal issues at a young age could really shape their future in an attempt to breaking inequality and stereotypes. 

I created three children’s book that are about three different animals who want to become something that society says they cannot. The books follow each of them through their journey towards breaking the norm and becoming what they always dreamed of.

Belle the Bunny

Penny the Penguin

The story of a female penguin who wants to become a pro wrestler

Felipe the Flamingo

The story of a flamingo who wants to become an ice skater