This project stemmed from the triad of the basic things we need to have a balanced yet productive life. The first is sleep (or rest). How much sleep do you get on average? Is it enough? Are you constantly missing out on it? Why? The second is “good grades”, which can be expanded to the overarching theme of “work.” The constant battle of productivity. Why do you work? Are you working enough? What is too much and what are you missing out on to maintain your (and society’s notion of work? The final point is “socialization.” This can be seen as hanging out with friends (not just coworkers), taking up hobbies, etc. Do you make time to contact those close to you? Do you still have a strong foundational support group? The conversation in question is if all of these points are attainable and the notion that only two of these can be properly achieved. Thus we are led to make a choice in which deprives us from a major component of our lives. This project aims to expand those three to shine a light on experiences in which we should take more time to enjoy and Choose to have.

Keep going. Keep making. Even if it hurts, don’t stop. And that’s the way it is.

Counting sheep until we fall asleep. Fending off dreams until our job’s complete.

These were supposed to be the best years of our lives. Looks like we haven’t seen each other in a while..