For a long time, I resisted any advice to integrate my personal experiences into my work; I didn’t understand the notion that creative work was more meaningful when generated from a genuine place. In this project, I finally let go of that apprehensiveness and decided to steer my body of work towards myself, putting the focus on everyday stress and anxiety. I decided it was important to attempt to personify the anxious feelings that have such a strong effect on my life. I hoped translating that part of myself to a visual and tangible medium would allow me to participate in a conversation with those who struggle similarly.


Throughout this short story, the main character, Ben, struggles to carry on in his everyday life while a negative voice is constantly whispering in his ear, magnifying all of his flaws and missteps. This heavy weight on Ben’s shoulder affects his ability to socialize, feel peace when alone, focus at work, and sleep. This brief representation of anxiety aims to help others visualize the impact of these feelings.