The one child policy was implemented nationwide by the Chinese government in 1979 in order to limit Chinese families to one child each, thus forcing women to give up their baby if exceeding the limit. I was one of those babies. As an adopted Asian-American girl, I struggle with my race, culture, and finding my true self getting caught in between my family and where I came from. Between questions I received from the uninformed to struggling with my own identity and where I belong in this world, adoption has always been an uncovered question. Through this self exploration of personal narratives from the past, I am finally unraveling  my lingering questions about adoption.

While navigating through this website, the viewer will get the chance to hear from someone who was not adopted but went through the process of adopting a little girl. Sharing my mother’s story while contrasting it with my questions to other adopted children allow the viewer to get an entirely different perspective.  Venturing through the website, one will come across elements they were not originally aware of. This multimedia website will build up helping  portray my story creating a personal narrative on adoption. 

For the best experience, use Google Chrome and a laptop.