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This is a sewn infographic that reveals the pay disparities of Bangladesh garment workers. As one of the largest garment manufacturing countries, factors including the harsh living conditions, tragedies, and other losses motivated me to further pursue the country Bangladesh.

By being placed in the position of these garment workers and undertaking the tasks of recreating garments, it is clear to understand the hardships and difficulties that these workers undertake. This infographic intends to highlight issues that witness the harsh, strenuous, and tedious work that it takes to produce a basic t-shirt which is significant to help understand the production or process of labor.

The graphs on the infographic reveal the pay disparities, household income, export earnings, wage benchmarks, and so on in Bangladesh garment factories. By physically showing data and statistics about the garment workers in Bangladesh, the infographic strives to inform people to become aware of the pay disparities and understand what these garment workers are dealing with on a daily basis.
This infographic reinforces the issue as a locally Bangladeshi issue by incorporating colors from the country’s flag which are green and red. In addition, manipulating the sewing machine functions such as zig-zag patterns as well as different sewing lengths creates diverse designs on the infographic. Also, the letters and numbers were personally sewn by hand to portray the data of the garment workers’ pay disparities.

As a result, the exercise of labor places me in the position of learning and reenacting the craft of these workers.