About VibeJive

VibeJive is a mobile application that brings together people through the universal language of dance. This app makes it fun for dancers of all levels to not only learn about different styles of dance, but also engage in dance as an activity that channels creativity and emotion. VibeJive allows for exploration of different cultures and identities, encouraging understanding and empathy around the world. VibeJive creates a safe space that frees people from the inherent judgment and pressure to be “good” at dancing. It also allows people to tell their own stories through their own custom choreography. By being able to lessen and combat inherent flaws in the dance community and society as a whole, (i.e. the obsession with perfection and its negative mental health effects). VibeJive opens dialogue and takes a step towards making people happier and more confident in their abilities. VibeJive creates good vibes for all its users