Selected works from American Dream Boy

        Eric Brydbord is an artist working primarily with photography and images. Living and currently working in suburban New Jersey, USA. Influenced by the complexities of truth-telling in images, he makes work based on his surroundings that toe the line between the staged, observed, and found. Primarily shooting film, often pulling from family and historical archives, nostalgia plays an integral part in his work. By including experiences and moments from the personal life of himself as well as those around him, he is able to define a level of closeness and care in this body of work. The balancing act played between chance and choice, nostalgia and history, in Eric’s work creates narrative ambiguity. 

       The visual representation of masculinity is one that is nearly inescapable in western culture. This body of work focuses on the rather intimate relationships young men have with each other; as role models fail, and tropes of masculinity like the sports, drugs, and forced narratives of “success” falter, boys have limited avenues to turn towards in our society. Images like the various suburban homes depicted at different points in life (first drawn as a child, then photographed as a young adult) exemplify how certain visual motifs are burned into us at such a young age. Idealistic visual cultures of success and masculinity permeate modern-day America.