Image Description: A leg intertwines itself with many yellow and one purple foam sculptures. The foot of the leg steps downwards/upwards and suggests a moment of movement within the structural forms. But also, this is just an image- so it’s your choice how you digest this.
Image Description: A yellow tinted body on top of a black background overlays itself twice. It feels triangular, if that’s your vibe.
Image Description: The body walks through the yellow and purple foam structures and a hand pulls some hair gently as it passes by. The photo is mostly dark. Take with it what you will.
Image Description: A yellow tinted body overlaps itself on top of a black background. Suggesting what it really is isn’t my job- I’m just here offering image descriptions.
Image Description: The body hides itself in the stretches of the yellow and purple foam sculptures. The shadows feel overwhelming- or is that just me?

Video Description: A figure struggles with their face while reclining onto a black background. Overlays of red globular signifiers float through and black gloved hands move and stretch. Focus on the sound if that’s what you’re into. It’s not my job to direct how you feel about it.