The Exploration
Artist's statement

I create immersive and sublime environments through digital means to mimic reality, replacing the world around us by fantastical and utopian like landscapes. By doing so, my work allows anyone to escape from reality into a whole other world.

Join the Expedition
This is a prototype 3D environment that was created using Unity and assets from the Unity Store. Instructions on how to Play the game and experience it for yourself are below:
web link:
  1. (Copy and paste link to go to the game on the web!)
Download link and instructions:
  1.  Want to download the game and play it? Download the zip file.
  2. Extract it.
  3. Open the file and click on the nwwnw.exe and you should be ready to play!
  1. WASD keys to move.
  2. Space to jump.
  3. Hold shift to run.
  4. Hold CTRL to crouch.
  5. Move mouse to look around.
  6. Avoid falling off the edges of the map!
Asset Credits:
  • Creative Poly
  • Dinopunch
  • SilverTM
  • Nicholas Veselov
  • Mental Dreams
  • RPGWhitelock
  • Manufactura K4
  • Aedan Graves
  • IL.Ranch
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