‘Maybe I’m Just Dumb’ 3’ x 2’ Charcoal, chalk pastel on canvas
‘Stan’ Approx. 42” x 62” Charcoal, graphite, chalk pastel, oil paste, ink on paper
‘Untitled’ 11” x 14” Charcoal, chalk on paper
‘Here Comes the Rooster’ 2’ x 3’ Graphite, charcoal, chalk pastel, oil pastel on canvas
‘Violent Rays of Violet’ Approx. 42” x 58” Charcoal, chalk pastel & oil pastel on paper
‘Fishtail in the Rearview Mirror’ Approx. 14” x 11” Charcoal & chalk pastel on paper
‘Waiting for Daylight’ 18” x 22” Graphite, charcoal, chalk pastel on canvas
‘When I Sing Along With You’ 24” x 36” Charcoal & chalk pastel on canvas

 Feel free to listen along to the playlist that made this piece as you watch the clip on loop.