My purpose and intentions as an artist have fluctuated and blurred through the years. Being an artist has allowed me to express my interests, my hobbies and my culture. My passion has led me to create paintings, sculptures, music and song. Previously, I thought of art and music as two separate groups, rarely ever letting the two fuse. However, I am starting to learn how to merge my love for the arts and music to create things I truly enjoy, because I want to, not because I have to. As I transition to making more music from my art, I bring forth the reasons why music is precious to me. Music is commonly known as a universal language that brings together people of all different backgrounds. Without words or even one’s own native language, music can pierce the heart and soul of it’s listener and leave a meaningful impact on them. It has the ability to convey happiness, sadness, anger, frustration, desperation or hope. I want to bring all those emotions to my audience and give them something to relate to. I wish to inspire or bring hope to others as well. The music and art I create now do not yet have these qualities, but I hope they will. This work exists for fun and experimentation. At the same time, this will become my stepping stone to making artwork that can finally express my love for music and art.