This project reflects the way I experience communication and information through smartphone technology. As someone who is constantly on their phone, I am increasingly concerned about how often I engage with it. With the majority of my social experiences occurring on the phone it has become difficult to stay off. If I want to talk to my family or close friends, who live 3,000 miles away, we have to utilize some form of virtual communication to bridge the distance. Throughout the week I pick up the phone, make calls, look at the news/social media, and repeat until my screen time averages around 17 hours each day. Now, due to the coronavirus pandemic, everyone has been instructed to remain distant from each other. For many, virtual communication has become one of the only options to remain in touch during these uncertain times. Our current situation, combined with my personal smartphone usage, begs the question: What sort of impact might prolonged mediated communication have on society in the long term?

Born in 1991, in Fontana, CA, Brianna Casas is in the process of finalizing her BFA in Painting from the Mason Gross School of the Arts at Rutgers University. Recent exhibitions include Visions For The Future, Mason Gross Galleries, New Brunswick, NJ, 2019 (group); and Onward and Upward, Mason Gross Galleries, New Brunswick, NJ, 2018 (group). She is a past participant in the Grossman Interdisciplinary Fellowship (2019), which included working both on the preparation of posters for a book project concerning poetry and politics, as well as the installation of each poster as a permanent exhibition in the Rutgers University Academic Building. Casas currently lives and works in New Brunswick, NJ.