Air Vent, 2020

9 x 12 inches

Pen on Paper

This air vent is located in the upstairs living room/dining room. When my youngest brother, my twin, and I were younger we would lay on our sides and kick off this air vent to make us slide across the hardwood floors. My brother pushed off the wall too hard and made a hole in the wall, denting the metal on the air vent.

Downstairs Coat Closet, 2020

9 x 12 inches

Gouache and Pen on Paper

We have a reversed marble wallpaper lining the inside of our downstairs closet and it started to peel away to show layers of drywall behind it. When I was younger I was scared of this closet because the design reminded me of the tv static in The Poltergeist.

Laundry Line , 2020

12 x 18 inches

Pen on Paper

In the summer my dad hangs up this pulley system stretched across two trees in our backyard. After we do a wash, we take the clothes and hang them on the line outside to air dry.

DB 2020, 2020
8 1/2 x 18 inches 

Pen on Paper

In 2009 I saw one of my sisters, Victoria, carving her initials and the year onto the door frame of the computer room. I copied her and did the same with my initials and the year. We made them small so our parents wouldn’t notice. Whenever I remembered the carvings I would add another one.

Carvings, 2020
48 x 24 inches

Oil on Canvas

In that same door frame, these are some more carvings. My twin sister, Courtney, didn’t want to feel left out so she also decided to copy us and included her initials and the year on the door frame.

Junk Drawer, 2020
9 x 12 inches

Acrylic, Watercolor, and Pen on Paper

Growing up we had a PC computer that the whole family shared. The computer sat on top of this wooden desk, and every drawer was filled with office supplies. My parents wanted to get rid of it because of the scratch marks and the wood was chipping, but I wanted it for my bedroom. This is the top left drawer; it was used the most because my dad kept his wallet and spare change there.

Business Mouse, 2020

22 x 28 inches

Oil on Canvas

When I shared a bedroom with two of my sisters we had a tri bunk bed mine was the one on the floor that slide out. I would hang my torso off the front of my bed and stare at the hardwood floor. On the floorboards there was this small orange paint stain that looked like a foot print. I created a story for the stain: a little business mouse lives in my home. The mouse put his dress shoes on, walked out of his hole, stepped into orange paint and left that stain on the floor.