New Worlds


My name is Adele Vanessa Slaght, and I am currently pursuing a Bachelors in Fine Arts with a concentration in printmaking. I have been working on this series titled, New Worlds, which consists of zinc plate etchings as well as a few linocut prints. Making prints can be very tedious, due to the processing time and patience required to develop perfectly consistent prints. I have chosen to use prints rather than drawings because I enjoy the challenges print has to offer, and this ancient technique allows me to successfully add the needed layers and textures to my work that I would not be able to capture with traditional drawing. I also use printing techniques because it goes hand in hand with my style of drawing, which is influenced by ancient mythological work especially in Asia.  When creating my work I visualize a basic idea in my head and move straight to the plate rather than making a sketch first. I have found that I can create my best works when I start off more simply, print, and then develop layers from there. I use an umber colored ink in my work as well as an off-white shade of handmade paper because it furthers my vision of storytelling.

I have always been surrounded by powerful independent women who have inspired me and my choices in life. New Worlds is a representation of things that I had to overcome within the past few years in order to transform into the woman I am today. Just like the actual printing process, this transformation took a lot of time, hard work, and dedication. With the obstacles I have faced, such as battling manipulative, toxic relationships and opportunities, I have realized my own strength and power and know that I am not alone in this journey. I have found my true importance and happiness by understanding how to save myself from things that are harming my existence like the characters in my drawings. My greatest accomplishment has been my self-growth and ability to realize when I deserve better than what I am being offered.  I have used a strong female character to represent me and other strong women. This character is in a situation where she has to fight off her demons. The demons in my work doesn’t necessarily depict a specific person, but they represent the negativity and toxic situations that we struggle with and stop us from getting to where we are meant to be in life. The series ends with this character finally conquering her demons and being rewarded with peace.