Pins & Needles


When beginning to work towards my thesis show, my mind was set in one direction on what my work would be, and represent; defending craft as art. In light of the current nationwide quarantine, my work has continued to develop in the way I had originally planned, but has taken on new meanings, regarding current worldwide events and mental health.


 This piece, titled Pins and Needles is an installation and collage work compiled of hand dyed canvas, random found objects and fabric that has been sewn, pinned, and glued together to create a completely enveloped space of collage and lifeless body. Recently, taking up crafts and hobbies such as sewing to make clothing and protective face wear has become a coping mechanism for many. A solution, as boredom and frustration consumes the minds of people worldwide. 


Although many probably do not see their new hobby as a form of art, in my practice as an artist, I have found that all craft is fine art. While being isolated in our homes, sewing and making work has become a form of meditation, but has not lessened its artistic value. Seeing so many people coming together through art and craft has given me a sense of hope for the future, and provides a sense of togetherness and inspiration.