I tend to create work that uses my hands, mainly because it translates the soul into the work. As I manipulate my photographs, I add a piece of me every time, enhancing the print to become unique and original. The motion of my hand can’t be copied. The way I alter things is derived from my emotions, emotional state, and inner thoughts as I fall into the space of my work. I improvise as I go, letting the work come naturally without too much thought.

I use film to capture my photographs because it allows room for human mistakes rather than just producing a digital copy of what we see through the camera. There is also room for chemical alteration and scratches which give the photographs a sense of physical contact. Currently, I take photographs of my home to symbolize the dynamic relationship I have with my father as a way to escape the situation. I physically alter these images to gain control over the powerless situation.  It’s a way for me to unfold my mind into these beautiful destroyed images. My tool in this series is the 3D pen. I draw on my image using the pen which melts and cools plastic filament to form lines with the motion of my hand (similar to a glue gun). I tear my images and use the 3D pen to draw over and repair areas where my dad interacts with my home and my sanctuary, highlighting his lack of care for it. I am taking control, even if that means showing the distress to the world.

Close Up Detailed Views​

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