Cassaddee Sicherer

The body is the distance between our consciousness and the outside world. It is an ever changing form that directs itself through muscles, tendons, skin, fat and systems most of us will never get the opportunity to see. Not everything that our body-consciousness interacts with has a conscious, but everything has some form of a body or body-specific relationship. As artists and creators, we navigate our bodies to create new bodies. Bodies of work, visual representations of bodies, digital bodies and bodies that decay and vanish in the mechanical movement of time. Our relationship with our bodies and the bodies we create and the bodies our bodies create is tumultuous, unstable and ever changing. To claim a universal experience or expectation within one’s body is to ignore the vastness of the socio-psychological relationship between our body-consciousness and the outside world. As far as we are aware, our consciousness starts and ends with the body we hold in space.